あんさんぶるスターズ! 2.1.2 Cheat

2.1.2 Cheat

 2.1.2 Cheat
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あんさんぶるスターズ! 2.1.2 Cheat screenshots 2

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あんさんぶるスターズ! – An Overview

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【ジャンル】 男子アイドル育成プロデュースゲーム
◆ 3 million downloads exceeded! L
* Numerical values ​​not including duplicate downloads on the same terminal

Luxury voice actors appear! Twink Idol Training Game “Ansta!”

Aim for top idol with male high school students at an idol training school
An idol breeding game for women “Ahn Burus Stars! “.

Ikemen Produce idols as you like! What?
Let’s raise the highest idle unit from attractive idol who is full of 41 personality!
Of course all the characters have voice with gorgeous voice actors!
Mr. Morikubo Shotaro, Mr. Takaaki Kakihara, Mr. Tomoaki Maeno, Mr. Hiroki Kaji, Mr. Wataru Hatano, Ms. Yuki Hatano, Mr. Yuki Ono, Mr. Ayase, Mitsuaki Midori, Takuya Eguchi, Toshiki Masuda, Mr. Takuya Masuda, Mr. Yamashita Miki, Mr. Kenji Nojima, Michi Ishikawa, Mr. Kosuke Toriumi … … with 42 people in all!

◇ ◆ Recommended for this person ◇ ◇
· I like games for women!
· I want to train idols!
· I like girl games!
· I’m a beginner girl game but I want to have fun!
· I love romance games!
· I am attracted to the school girls as I expected!
· After all I love you guys!
· Games with sounds by gorgeous voice actors are good!

◆ ◇ Game Features ◇ ◆
· Yamenosaki Gakuin has a lot of distinctive boys!
Various events and troubles occurred in the school life that lives with them!
As you become friends with individuality-rich people, various everyday stories will be released!
By gathering stories, their various aspects as well!
– The character moves in the story!
With the story function, [Character animation moves like animation by 【Live2D】!
Coupled with the voice of a famous voice actor, it makes me realize that the character is in front of me ….
· Appeared on live performances with nurtured idols!
You can nurture an idol and have a live! Many productions that are fascinated, such as voices flowing with skill activation!
– Voice is added to all idols!
Collect story, still illustration, Kisekae costume, limited voice while getting along with students

· Luxury scenario charge!
Daily day (Akira) of the popular writer is in charge of the scenario!

▼ Credit
【Title】 あ ん ​​ぶ る る ス タ ー ズ!
[Abbreviation] Ansta!
【Genre】 Men’s Idol Training Produce Game
【Official website】 http://stars.happyelements.co.jp/
【Twitter Official】 @ensemble_stars
【CAST】 Ikeda Junichiro / Eguchi Takuya / Ono Yukiyuki / Kanji Yuki / Kamio Keisuke / Komaga Keisuke / Komada Aka / Saito Musema / Kitamura Ryo / Takasaka Tomoya / Tsuchida Rei / Nakajima Yoshiki / Yoshihiro Yamashita / Yuki Yamashita / Yuki Yoneuchi / Takumi Watanabe / Yoshihiro Yamashita / Yoshihiro Yamashita / Yuki Yamashita / Yuki Yoneda / Yuki Uchiyama / / Asanuma Shintaro / Takeshi Takahashi / Nojima Kenji / Ishikawa Kotonobu / Yamamoto Kazuomi / Toriumi Kosuke / Maeno Tomoaki / Hanae Natsuki / Uchida Yuma / Suwabe Junichi / Aisaka Ryota
– 細かな改善