那一劍江湖 1.1.7 Cheat

1.1.7 Cheat

 1.1.7 Cheat
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那一劍江湖 – An Overview

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《7日約會 模擬真實戀愛情境》

《百搭羽翼 乘風蛻變幻化升階》

《終結孤單 萌寵神獸左右相伴》

《拋開束縛 全職業時代來臨》

《甜蜜獻聲 美女主播天天相伴》

《四季輪轉 唯美江湖肆意闖蕩》

《自由交易 賺取你的第一桶金》


[game features]
“Dating on the 7th, Simulating the True Love in Love”
The reason is yo! The first 7-day dating appointment, set the conditions of the favorite, and the 7-day mission with the matching people, dating, chatting, playing lanterns, keeping pets, and enjoying a sweet and leisurely love life in different romantic scenes.

“Wild Wings, Take the Wind, Transform, Change, Step Up”
Want to have a place in the rivers and lakes, naturally have the attitude of the strong! With the new wing system, players will have more choices for character development. In addition to improving their own attributes, the wing illusion can also change the shape, cleverly matching fashion style.

“Ending Lonely, Cute Pets and Beasts”
Ride the beast and travel to the martial arts world never seen before! Meet the ancient spirits scattered in the human world, the body of different shapes gathers the unknown power. In normal times, it will be your mount that rides the rivers and lakes. In the battle, it will be a great help for your defeat.

“Abandoning the bondage, the era of the whole profession”
No longer tied to a single occupation, swords, fists, bows, umbrellas, four weapons to switch freely, let you show strength in many ways! With the cooperation of limb movements, every detail design is in place, floating and fighting, cracking screen and blood special effects, enjoying the punching and punching feeling of the boxing, and arbitrarily matching dozens of skills and nirvana to create personalized Create your own style and experience the thrill of full-time masters.

“Sweet singer, beauty anchor, companion every day”
The fascinating beauty anchor lineup, the relay is uninterrupted! Not only the sounds, the value of the table, but also the hidden version of the game! Let the anchors accompany you to listen to songs, chat, show talent, and exchange interesting things in the game!

“The Four Seasons Rotate the Beautiful Rivers and Lakes”
The highly realistic light and shadow effect, with beautiful figures and ancient scenes, combined with film-level narrative techniques, to create a beautiful oriental rivers and lakes.

“Free Trading Earn Your First Barrel of Gold”
Who said that it is a martial arts overlord can not be a wealthy businessman? The game sets up a free trade system dominated by players, allowing the extra equipment on hand to be converted into the first bucket of gold in the rivers and lakes! Diverse social gameplay, matching with friends in the game, team buff, gang assistance, free trade, etc., in the most interesting way to sway the rivers and lakes.

[game background]
Taking the love entanglement between Duan Huiyin and Yan XIV as the main line of the story, interspersed with the sectarian disputes and fighting in the rivers and lakes. In the confrontation between the two groups of the righteous and the evil, the two childhood sweethearts, Duan Huiyin and Yan Xie, turned against each other’s positions. In the end, the evil spirits used the two to collect and activate the power of the gods and bring the world into darkness.

The dying section of the emblem is to let Yan 14 wake up, burn his own life, steal some of the power of the god stone, wait for the destiny, return to a year ago, expect to change the fate of the ending…