Alive In Shelter 12.5.1 Cheat

Alive In Shelter 12.5.1 Cheat

 Alive In Shelter 12.5.1 Cheat
Today we can supply you this handy effectively performing Alive In Shelter Hack.

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Alive In Shelter – An Overview

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☢ Will you Survive? Feel survival in family underground shelter! Fallout is falling! Fallout apocalypse… Prepare your bunker using useful stuff which will help you survive! The best shelter simulator! Mystery and weird stuff. There is no escape, live here is your prison.. Or maybe there is escape?… Try to collect everything in few seconds! Try this indie 8-bit game now! Rush and never give up! Rush throught the mystery and weird story!

– Multiplayer: it is!
– Online chat: it is!

☢ Turn worthless junk into useful items with Crafting! There are no rules! Rush through wastelands, explore all holes. Just try to survive the madness.
Play deathmatch with friend!

☢ You have only few seconds (only 30 or less) fast rush to collect as many useful stuff to you shelter then you have to go exploring wasteland for items or use crafting. Your every underground room hides useful devices and items.

☢ Many creepy and mysterious things will try to affect your post-nuclear life. Maybe it is good?… Anyway, try to protect your family and keep your body condition in good state. Safety is number one!

☢ Remember to have underground radio communication and something which can make light signal! Leave your door open when it is needed. And of course, try to survive, don’t let your characters die! Improve your bunker it is easier to survive 😉

☢ Fell the fear of nuclear war, make good decisions! Remember about crafting!

☢ Features:
⏩ Wonderful retro pixel 8-bit graphics!
⏩ Post-apocalyptic bliss!
⏩ Crafting: items, alchemy!
⏩ Adventure, expedition!
⏩ Actions, fear!
⏩ Mystery!
⏩ Growing POTATOES, carrots and blueberries!
⏩ 5 rooms, garden and outside wastelands!
⏩ Google achievements and leaderboards!
⏩ Customizations and shelter upgrades
⏩ Multiplayer deathmatch, chat
⏩ 12 Languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Italian, French..

☢ Items:
⏩ Gas mask, Pollution meter
⏩ Radio & TV
⏩ Axe, Gun & ammunition
⏩ Furnace & distillery
⏩ Water & food
⏩ Cards, map, aid kit
⏩ Petrol & flashlight
⏩ Bowl, manure, teddy bear
⏩ Water filter, workbench, wood, iron, copper, tools
⏩ Tablecloth, potatoes, vodka, phone, post-nuclear pet, bats
⏩ Rocket station with rocket fuel!

☢ You think you know everything about you living alone in underground in shelter and post-nuclear atomic life? Explore weird wasteland and try to survive, there is a lot of ways! Be careful of epidemic! A lot of fun in finding out what items really do or how to use your shelter’s devices. The more you know them, the more chance you have to survive fallout plague! Crush all the rules.

A lot of updates, small size!

**FREE but contains small premium features** – help me in developing this best retro 8-bit indie game 🙂
Survival in underground shelter is so strange… Be careful fallout is falling! Craft as much as you can and alive plague and loneliness.

By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policy:

pokulan 2016 – 2018
– Bugs fixed, character don’t need 100% energy to go out!
– Added “cheat engine” every update there will be more cheats, now:
Open CODE section in main menu then:
– “cheats 1” / “cheats 0” – turn cheats on/off
– “t ” change the sleep time (in easy it is 5040)
– “h ” max health
– “e max energy
– “spin 1” / “spin 0” play you spin me xD
– “rick 1” / “rick 0” play never gonna xD

Then start the game (you can save but the money and stats will not be saved)

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