Dumb Family : 101 Ways to Have Fun 1.0.4 Cheat

Dumb Family 101 Ways to Have Fun 1.0.4 Cheat

 Dumb Family 101 Ways to Have Fun 1.0.4 Cheat
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Dumb Family : 101 Ways to Have Fun – An Overview

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Download the FREE game now to enjoy the new fun with Dumb Family. It’s time for dumb founding adventure!

Various deadly accidents can occur anywhere at anytime in life, lighting, fire, electricity, driving, poison, drown…This dumb family is facing all these dangers of death, and you are the one to rescue the dumb family.

Click the screen to kill the poisonous mosquitoes, slide on screen to link the electrical wire, tilt the phone to keep the ladder in balance, etc., you should find these methods out and save this dumb family.

This is not a bloody, violent or scary game, we design the family members in a cute style, with relaxing and pleasant music, everyone can get addicted and enjoy this game.

Dumb Family has plenty of missions, from easy to difficult, the more missions you pass, the higher achievements you reach, the more awards you can get.

You can also click the “tip” menu to complete difficult missions.

Dumb Missions:
Dumb Task 1. Defecation in the morning to keep healthy
Dumb Task 2. Beat the cuttlefish quickly, it may block your eyesight
Dumb Task 3. Be careful with mosquitos, some of them are dangerous
Dumb Task 4. In thunderstorms weather, be careful with the thunders
Dumb Task 5. Security check is quite important in fire balloon
Dumb Task 6. Electric eel stuns enemies with slight electricity, cuttlefish spray black ink to blur enemies’ sight, be careful with them
Dumb Task 7. Octopuses are mollusks, they use their soft feelers to entangle enemies, be carful not to be entangled by them
Dumb Task 8. Do not to touch the bare electrical wire and bundle it as soon as possible
Dumb Task 9. Turn off the water tap every time you finish shower
Dumb Task 10. Paraglide need high balancing ability, take care
Dumb Task 11. Focus on the speed on running machine, either too fast or too slow may lead to wrestling
Dumb Task 12. SOS – Use light stick to catch others’ attention, shock sticks to turn them on
Dumb Task 13. Speed is quite important in skiing
Dumb Task 14. Keep an eye on the road when you are walking, be careful with the missing manhole cover
Dumb Task 15. Darts are dangerous, do not aim to human beings
Dumb Task 16. Do not throw watermelon skin on road, others may slip and fall
Dumb Task 17. Ware swim ring to avoid drown
Dumb Task 18. Do not wake the bats, they may get angry and hurt you
Dumb Task 19. It is dangerous using mobile phone on road, which may diffuse your attention
Dumb Task 20. PINs are everywhere in life; you should try to remember
Dumb Task 21. Keep flower vases away from kids’ sights
Dumb Task 22. Kids should not take the elevator alone
Dumb Task 23. Keep an eye on the poisonous wine
Dumb Task 24. keep ladder in a smooth place and ask someone to hold it

Not only the dumb family, all these death missions are very common in life, everybody may meet the dangers. Be careful to keep an eye on those potential dangers and protect this dumb family, also yourself.

– Cute cartoon images, everybody in dumb family are so funny
– Tips in game center to give you information about how to pass the mission
– Relaxing background music, a perfect game to kill boring time and ease yourself
– 24 dumb missions, from lighting, bees, poisonous wine, to elevator, full of fun
– Simple and straightforward operation, no matter how old are you, you would enjoy it
– Reminder in every mission to warn users not to imitate.

The villain of this game is not the stereotypical killers, monsters or demons, but dumb itself. Now the lives of this dumb family in your hands, enjoy our mini-games and save the dumb family.

Download the FREE game now to enjoy the new fun and remember, be safe.
Welcome to play the Dumb Family, wish you have fun.