FINAL BLADE 1.1.2 Cheat

FINAL BLADE 1.1.2 Cheat

 FINAL BLADE 1.1.2 Cheat

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FINAL BLADE – An Overview

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To save the people of Taemoon from the chaos of Middle World, Black Prince sets out on a journey with Inrang, the owner of Nine Eyed Sword, and other strong warriors.

However, the mission gets interfered by Cheukchun and the prince becomes alone. With all his comrades lost, will Black Prince be able to stop Cheukchun and her evil schemes?

At the same time, will Inrang be able to stop his Nine Eyed Sword from going berserk?

Find out what happens in the Final Blade now!


▶ Unique and Exuberant Characters
– More than 300 kinds of heroes from various factions such as Middle World, Yonghwa Mtn., Sun Sea, Border Area, Ice Palace, and Flame Cult.
– Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Ranger, and Healer – Collect and combine hero characters with various classes!

▶ Hero Upgrade System
– Advent, Transcendence and Awakening – Evolve your heroes step by step to upgrade abilities.
– As your heroes get stronger, their appearances change too!

▶ Endless Contents to Play
– Follow the immersive story in Adventure.
– Fight against Gigantic Raid Bosses in World Raid and Pandemonium
– Join a Clan with your friends and compete in Clan War
– Battle in Duel Competition and challenge for the top ranking
– Download now and enjoy all these various contents!

▶ Different Skills & Exclusive Effects
– Don’t need to keep the formation. Go beyond the frontline and have fun!
– Penetrate into enemy’s battle formation to cause confusion or even play a feint operation by using some of the amazing Skills
– Cool cutscenes will never make you bored!
The Ultimate RPG is about to Begin! A TOP GROSSING GAME is coming in your mobile!