Legend: Rising Empire 1.5.19 Cheat

Legend Rising Empire 1.5.19 Cheat

 Legend Rising Empire 1.5.19 Cheat
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Legend: Rising Empire – An Overview

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Legend: Rising Empire features an unprecedented combination of strategy and city-building where players act as lords with ambition to conquer the fictional continent of Favilla. By leading and arming your people to gather resources and to pillage other players, you gradually develop your empire from nothing but a small village.

When your city has been developed to a certain degree, you can choose a faction between Money Empire, Industrial and Warmoner. Each degree has its advantages and allies not only can battle alongside with you, but also be an indispensable aide to your empire with trades, which to a developing town is decidedly crucial.

With more than 40 types of buildings available to expand your empire’s reach, balancing between development and raising an army to protect your people could be tricky.

Players have to effectively organize your troops and maximize their utilities. Protect your archers and catapults from the enemy knights, penetrate the enemy’s defense with your own knights or deploy thieves if you want to exhibit some finesse.

Join Legend: Rising Empire and have an ultimate experience of strategy and management! Create your own legend in Favilla!

●CUSTOMIZE your very own city with choices of more than 40 buildings
●EXERT your wisdom to make best use of your resources
●COMMAND your troops and lead as many as 200 units
●BUILD up relationships and trade with hundreds of highly intelligent NPCs or players all over the world
●ESTABLISH strategic alliance and develop it from village to empire
●CONQUER the world and become the king of the kings

Game Page: www.Legend-RisingEmpire.com
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LegendRisingEmpire/
1.Added the alliance rally feature, the commander can use the rally feature to summon members to relocate close to their location.
2.Changed the unlock limit of faction buildings and added extra unlock buildings in different faction levels.
3.Increased all attendants’ max starting attributes and strengthened their combat capabilities.
4.Added a feature that allows players to share equipment, attendant, and item info in the chat channels.