Overlords of Oblivion 1.0.19 Cheat

Overlords of Oblivion 1.0.19 Cheat

 Overlords of Oblivion 1.0.19 Cheat
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Our Overlords of Oblivion cheat can assist all of you generate tons of  resources. With lotsof in-game currencies you can attract and reach new levels quickly in the game. Also, you can purchase many types of elements and rare characters from the game app shop.

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Overlords of Oblivion – An Overview

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Game will officially launch in 11th December 2018
For more information and rewards, please check here: https://ooo.neocraftstudio.com/pre-launch

When the day comes that angel wing falls, an Overlord shall bring forth an end to the gods and demons. ——-An Ancient Prophecy

The armies of Heaven and hell have waged an endless war since the dawn of the world,
Between this eternal conflict, our kingdom of mortals ascending.
But when the angel’s wing falls, the balance is broken. Death comes upon us again.
Eleland, the city of blessing and the last citadel of mankind, become the next target of Lord Mammon and his demon legions, struggle desperately.
Facing the doom, we need a powerful hand, a savior, an Overlord.

An action RPG with strong battle experience
– Dodge, block, air combos, fight like a fighting game

Avatar of Powers
-Each Overlord has various avatars with different abilities and power

Explore and conquer variety dungeons for great equipment and precious with your friends
– Real-time PVE gameplay requires good Co-op

Value yourself and empower your guild
– Guild alter classes, find your position to build a mighty guild together

Fight players around the world, use strategy to defeat your rivals
– Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP
– Several PVP mode from 1vs.1,3 vs.3, 5 vs.5 and 30 vs.30 with different gameplay
New Features:
1. Relic Forge. Now you can forge the relics of the same Avatar to increase the stats once the Legendary relic is active.
2. New bosses are appearing in Akard Plain at random times now
3. Gem system update.
Major Changes:
1. Temporarily removed the Astrolabe system. We are working on to improve the system, please stay tuned.
2. Adjusted Wings system. Now stats from different wings can stack. The more wings you active, the higher stats you will get.