Panther Family Sim Online 2.7.2 Cheat

Panther Family Sim Online 2.7.2 Cheat

 Panther Family Sim Online 2.7.2 Cheat

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Panther Family Sim Online – An Overview

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Dive into the life of Wild Panther!
Hunt with your mate! Create family! Breed cubs! Upgrade home! And a lot more in this panther simulator!

Huge and dangerous locations are waiting to be explored! Raise your own Panther Family! Cubs need a lot of attention so you will need to feed them and play with them until they grow up. Live with your mate and cubs in the beautiful home (no one will disturb you there!) with all kinds of awesome upgrades including shelter, heaven bridge, stunning lake and ancient dinosaur Chee-Rex bones! and much more (23 items)
Hunt lots of enemies including Buffalo, Dromader, Elephant, Fish, Flamingo, Gazelle, Giraffe, Goat, Gorilla, Hippo, Hyena, Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rhino, Tiger, Wolf and Zebra much more will come with new locations soon! This is the best and most fun panther simulator out there!


– Start your family. Find your soulmate to raise your brood. Take care of your children: grab them into the mouth, feed and teach how to fight
– Customize family members to change their skins
– Hunt with your mate so your cubs are never hungry! Play with them so they grow faster! Heal them when they get sick! And much more is coming to this panther simulator!
– When children become grown up let them go into the wild on their own

– Play online with your friends or solo
– Meet other panthers and hunt together
– Survive in co-operative mode
– Chat with other players

The central part of the panther family is home. Live in an awesome home! Home is a safe place for your family. No one will disturb you there. Upgrade it with more then 23 different items!! including heaven bridge, the statue of master Chee and much more.

– Different numbers of attacks and special skills: fear attack, stealth attack, pounce on prey
– Adventures and challenging quests: complete quests to earn experience and money to develop your character and home
– Unlock achievements by completing different tasks
– In this family simualtor you can hunt with the family into different biomes: jungle, desert and much more are coming soon!!
– Unlock special abilities of you character like swimming, slash attach and sniper attack

– Real day and night cycle with unexpected weather is waiting! Be careful while hunting at night. Some monsters may become stronger, others faster! Night vision is coming soon!
– If you lost at night you always can find way back home by constellation on the night sky

The massive stunning 3D world is waiting to be explored! Your panther mate and panther family will help you discover all kinds of surprises that are waiting for you in island and desert locations! More awesome locations like wild forest and jungles are coming in next updates soon! You can’t get bored in this family sim!

LEADERBOARDS is coming soon
– Leaderboards rank the best players by level, experience and gold are due to come!

So you don’t miss updates and our new games follow us!

If you have any suggestions on how to make this family simulator better – let us know! Just write us in any social network or drop a letter on email!
✔️ General improvements
✔️ Fixed game crash on Android 8.0+