Pirates : BattleOcean 1.01 Cheat

Pirates BattleOcean 1.01 Cheat

 Pirates BattleOcean 1.01 Cheat

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Pirates : BattleOcean – An Overview

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▶Game Introduction
– Infinity Competition Maritime Action MMORPG!
– New Mobile MMORPG System from the Ocean background
– Differentiated contents such as 1VS1 Battle Ocean PVP, Marine battles, Hand-to-hand combat, and a confused fight place
– Strategies and tactics based on various Pirate Ships and Hero Characters
– 24-hour full-open sea area
▶Battle Ocean community
Sign up now to Get a variety of game information, tips, and event news.
▶ Game Features
Experience a real-time Naval Battle with over 10 kinds of ships!
Upgrade to an individual ship, such as Baekgol, Steel Whale and Panokseon.
Then, strengthen the Figure Heads, Decks, Guns of Ship, Sails, and Keys to experience real-time Naval Battles and PVP and prove my strength.

– Hero
Go on an adventure with over 10 kind of Hero.
Take adventure with your wonderful colleagues, including Red Pirates “Kane,” General “Clark”, and assassin “Elsa.”.
Treasure Island and the Battlefield are waiting for a powerful enemy and a great reward for the users.

– Item
Only a strategic combination of items can survive the limitless competition!
Strategic characteristics of ships depending on what item is mounted in the 12-room item slot.
If you wear all items for ships or all items for heroes, you can gain the advantage of competition depending on your opponent..
You can also target competitors’ weaknesses by appropriately wearing items dedicated to Ships and Hero-only items.

– Reid
Catch the great king Kraken and upgrade to the strongest ship!
Catch the giant monster in Kraken’s sea and complete the strongest ship, the Qitiandasheng ship

– Guild
Be the best guild in the competition!
Strong guild members create strong guilds.
Hire the best veteran pirates and become No.1 guilds

– Party
Party to gain experience and win the battle against the enemy.
In the event of an adventure in the PVP area , parties are the only means of protection.

The seas 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, and 18 are exclusive areas for PVPs.
Challenge 1VS1exclusive PVP Battle Ocean content.

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