Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Cheat

Stellar Age MMO Strategy Cheat

 Stellar Age MMO Strategy Cheat

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Stellar Age: MMO Strategy – An Overview

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Welcome to STELLAR AGE: an extremely social unique mmo space game. Join the galaxy invasion now: shore up your defenses, spy on space pirates, initiate fleet battles, and dominate the rich galactic empire! Real corporation warfare is on!

Show your strategic and tactical thinking in the incredible REAL TIME MMO STRATEGY!
Try a superb zoom range as you roam the endless galaxy map.


⭐ Produce different kinds of resources to progress as fast as possible
⭐ Level up your buildings and technologies to increase your power
⭐ Improve your defenses, and don’t let your enemies succeed in plundering
⭐ Participate in various daily competitions: quests for leadership, ranking leagues, etc.


🚀 Build a powerful spaceship army
🚀 Work out the strategy: mix and match military and merchant battleships for better success
🚀 Spy on and attack your enemies and set their planets on fire
🚀 Blast space pirates on the galaxy map
🚀 Dismantle destroyed enemy fleets: process ship debris into valuable resources to increase your wealth.


⭐ Chat with players worldwide: a real time galaxy map comprises thousands of solar systems with other players’ planets
⭐ Create corporations to conquer planets you could never hold alone
⭐ Stick together with your space team: join forces, share responsibilities, earn in-game resources and get achievements and special bonuses


– 1 live server for all players
– More than 20,000 solar systems
– Over 300,000 planets
– Dismantling destroyed enemy spaceships for resources
– Unlimited fleet size
– 10 types of spaceships
– 11 buildings with unique features
– 3 space pirate factions
– Online PvP and PvE modes
– Top-notch 3D graphics
– Superb zoom range

Let cosmos become the real home for you, start epic fleet battle and fight in an incredible galactic empire war!
FREE to play! Get it now!
– It’s on from February 14 through to 17 (UTC).
– Defeat pirates to receive crates of rewards, including Hearts—the event currency. Spend it on items under a special tab in the shop!
– Our shop will also have other limited special promotions during the “Space Heart” event.

Rally screen visuals have been revised:
– The “Join” button is now only active in the top-most slot
– Each rally participant can now see how much time is left until the rally departs.