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Survival Island 1&2 – An Overview

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“Survival Island !” is a free escape RPG game that anyone can enjoy playing.
Your goal is to escape from the desert island by solving problems with retro style pixel-art like old console games.

*Can you escape from the desert island?
A luxury cruise liner sank!
You woke up on a little desert island…!
Can you escape from the island?!

*Find the hidden items on the island!
You are stuck there with no food and tools.
Cut down trees or hunt for fish…
Explore the desert island and look for the hidden items!
Collect materials, create tools, and you may be able to find the way out!

*Plenty to solve! Can you figure out?
Items may be found in unexpected places!
Can you find your way out?
This escape RPG game provides you plenty of problems to solve!
New Stage Added!
You washed up on a desert island again…! Explore the field and solve the new mysteries in order to escape the island!
– Improved the contents of tips.
– Language settings added in settings section.
– New languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
– Several gameplay balance improvements.
– Fixed several bugs.